Get tactical with Remortgage Leads

January 6th, 2015

The market for remortgage leads is one of the biggest lead markets in the UK financial services industry.

Mortgage related searches are some of the most popular on Google and thousands of leads are generated each day across the market.

While an adviser firm could probably generate some of their own mortgage leads through their own online marketing, the problem is that there will be a very broad range of customers many of whom would never realistically be able to get a mortgage.

The good news for lead buyers it that most providers offer multiple filtering opportunities to advisers to target customers that are more likely to convert into business. The most common filters on offer are loan size, postal area, credit profile of consumer and maximum LTV.
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10 Steps to Building a High Quality Unsecured Loan Lead Delivery Channel…

July 14th, 2014

Simply Media Publishing UK Launches New Unsecured Loans pathway, and are now looking for buyers.

Through our partners at Google, Bing, Yahoo, various trusted affiliates and display networks, we have increased our activity on developing our loans path via the incredibly adaptive LeadPoint platform.

The Lead.

A consumer looking for an unsecured loan would normally be someone looking to achieve a cash injection of anywhere between £1k-£25k, a 50/50 mix of these people will have a good credit rating and the others would be considered sub-prime.

The Forms.

We are looking for efficient buyers to take our Unsecured Loan leads, through the following forms…

CashMatch is currently sat on Google SEO & PPC, Bing and our display partners sites.

CashMatch is currently sat on Google SEO & PPC, Bing and our display partners sites.

Cash100 is working exceptionally well via our email and display partners.

Cash100 is working exceptionally well via our email and display partners.

The 10 Steps.

Here are the 10 steps in building activity in the emerging Unsecured Loans market…

  1. Build the forms
  2. Increase the ratio from click to convert
  3. Refine quality
  4. Build the volume through the best performing channels
  5. Reinvest in activity
  6. Perfect conversions
  7. Get the pricing right
  8. Offer FULL transparency
  9. Secure activity
  10. Find buyers

Through the LeadPoint platform we now find ourselves sat, with much anticipation and great excitement at stage 10.


The way our leads are delivered through the LeadPoint platform enables us to offer flexible pricing on the leads that are generated in real-time via CashMatch and Cash100.

Option 1. 
100+ leads a day £3 per lead
Prime and Sub
Real-time generated.
Additional marketing after delivery, non-relevant product.
Option 2. 
No minimum order £6 per lead
Prime and Sub
Real-time generated.
No additional marketing – fully exclusive.


  • All Homeowners.
  • Block or activate, Tenants.
  • Credit grade.
  • Post code.
  • Loan amount.

Each additional filter increases the price point by £1. However certain increased filtering could be slightly more and by increasing the filtering on your order could decrease your volume delivery dramatically.

Contact us today.

We can get an order set up within minutes, all you need to do is call us on 0207 3957 931 and we will get your leads flowing today. Please note that we are only allowed to create partnerships with lead buyers who are registered with FCA.

We are also more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Many thanks,

James Bradley

Head of LeadPoint UK

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It’s Life Jim… but not as we know it.

June 12th, 2014
The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army

This article was written by James Bradley; Head of LeadPoint. – And was first published in Money Marketing, June  12, 2014.

There was once a Chinaman by the name of Qin Shi Huang, who died 210 years before the start of our calendar. He was brave, commanding and as legend tells, was the first ever leader to unite China as one nation. Allegedly he was addicted to drinking mercury, as he believed that it gave him special powers of insight and political argument.  During his time on the throne Qin Shi‘s dependency to the liquid metal went from a few sips a day to eventually gallons, he later died, obviously, of mercury poisoning. When he died, Qin Shi Huang was buried in the most opulent tomb complex ever constructed in China, a sprawling, city-size collection of underground caverns containing everything the emperor would need for the afterlife.  This included a giant map of China made of stone and jade, where the great rivers are said to be expansive canals of mercury.

The unassuming resting place... Disturb this pyramid and HSBC gets it!

The unassuming resting place… Disturb this pyramid and HSBC gets it!

The Chinese government to this day refuses to excavate the site, which is guarded by 8,000 clay soldiers, the famous Terracotta Army.  They hold to the tradition that if their first emperor is disturbed then China will fall.

The ancient Chinese, along with many cultures including the earliest Egyptians, believed that items of value could be taken with them to the afterlife. A tomb was in effect a safe that enabled the dead to bizarrely have peace of mind over what they had worked, and in some cases risked their life for, to be had and enjoyed with them once they were dead. A cosmic keep-safe.

Through a few thousand years of evolution, and the introduction of independent probability we now have Life Insurance. Which can be construed as a less selfish way of protecting ones estate, and a lot less expensive than building a pyramid or 8,000 clay soldiers.

LeadPoint UK, through our strong converting forms such as Find Great Rates and London and Cover does a great job of excavating from the golden chamber of the Internet, producing consumers interested in receiving quotes to protect their possessions and financial liabilities after their passing. On average our lead supply is converting north of the 20% mark and we are seeing a good introduction of new supply opportunities in the form of email advertising, paid search and SEO.

The main issue our new buyers raise their initial concerns over is clawback. It is very easy to cancel a policy when your ends aren’t meeting financially.  This is where a strong aftersales service needs to kick in. We have buyers who offer free gym membership, regular health check ups and minimal private medical insurance cover for the larger cases, regular communications, prize draws, even invitations to special events – all with the sole aim to keep the consumer engaged and the premiums constant. If you’re a Life Insurance broker don’t just have a team on retentions waiting for a cancel policy request to come in, have an active remarketing team brain-storming and implementing strong ideas to help keep clawback to a minimum, and brand awareness to a maximum! This is where one enters the world of referrals, and that omnipotent world of word of mouth marketing.

This is just a little bit of insight our team at LeadPoint like to give to our buyers.  As old suppliers look in-house for conversions, we are solidifying our current partnerships and looking out toward new clients who want to take hold of our great supply. If you are a Life Insurance broker looking for leads then get in touch, and we will be happy to share our empire with you. Get in touch today if you want Life Insurance leads.

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Integration is the key: Integrate your leads into a CRM, if you don’t you’ll make a lot less money.

May 13th, 2014

This article was written by James Bradley; head of LeadPoint.

Allow me to grace you with a game of spot the difference with a rather majestic metaphor… A man walks into a hat shop, he briefly assesses the peak of a plume-purple top hat, moves over to admire the stitching of a Harris hunters snapcap, a brown corduroy trilby takes his eye for a millimetre of a moment – he looks further into the store and sees a gentlemen with his back to him. He holds his pose for three, maybe five seconds, looks at his pocket watch, and leaves. In another hat shop a little further down the road the same man walks in, as he opens the door a bell goes off, the sales assistant turns around to face the new customer… “How may I help you sir?” he asks immediately. “I would like to buy a hat”. The sales assistant takes his tape measure, looks at the gentlemen’s ears, his eyebrow distance between the eyes and forehead then concludes… “This way sir, I have the perfect Homburg.”

Bringing this back into present times and under the banner of lead generation this is, of course, a metaphor for Business Process Integration – using a CRM to receive your leads. A bell goes off as a lead pops in via a very robust http or xml post and within seconds your employee is there with a very polite “How may I help you?”.

LeadPoint conducted an audit of our buyers for the entire month of April to asses the conversion rate comparisons to those who work the lead within 30 minutes, 15, 10, 5 and instantly. We have also pulled the information on what we believe to be the most customisable, intuitive, effective and affordable integration solution out there known as FLG360.

We found that the gaps are dramatic. If you use a system like FLG360 you may hit your consumers within the moment they click submit. The conversion difference between 30 minutes and 30 seconds is well within the double figures. If you buy leads you will require integration, as this in hand with a solid and communicative relationship to an exceptional lead supplier like us.

What a CRM system does in comparison to email delivery is that it enables the consumer to be hit at the point of acquisition. In a world of multiple tab browsing and the instant loss of interest factor, lead buyers need these tools to allocate and convert. It is a question of increasing ROI, and is an expense that should be integrated at conception, if it hasn’t been then please head to…

LeadPoint supply consumer leads on a cost per lead basis to financial brokerages around the country. As the head of LeadPoint, I offer free face-to-face consultations to all new buyers looking to maximise their ROI by integrating delivery, maximising their free marketing techniques, improving claw-back and refining the close ratio of my client’s sales team. The LeadPoint team are based at the LeadPoint offices in Covent Garden, London and in Cape Town, South Africa. LeadPoint is a trading brand of Simply Media Publishing LLC, based in California.


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The Art of Selling and Maximising ROI

April 28th, 2014

This article was written by Shauna Hatch, public relations and marketing assistant at LeadPoint.

It seems like such a simple process, selling. You’re the seller; a business or an individual, you have a product or service to sell, a customer comes along and takes a interest in that product or service, you agree on a price (or haggle, depending on what you’re selling and where from) and a transaction is made, simple.

Of course, that isn’t exactly how the process works now; unless you’re a large corporation that’s been around for years and your offered product or service is practically the best thing since sliced bread. If your offered product is in fact sliced bread then congratulations; you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Selling has changed dramatically over the years, mostly due to the rise in e-commerce, social media and word of mouth communications between current customers and potential customers. The internet has given customers a stronger voice and view in the eye of organisations; if they think the product or service they have recently purchased was too expensive and poor quality, they will make this known to anyone that will listen. If they believe the overall sales process delivered by a company or a seller was dreadful; they will make it known, find another (better) seller, and move on.

Competition to gain and maintain customers between sellers is fierce. Organisations are now willing to invest a lot of their time, money and effort into assuring that all elements of their brand identity and selling platforms are flawless in the hopes of receiving a well deserved return on investment; usually in the form of sales or an increased client list, with both together being even better. Generating this form of return is not easy and many organisations now consider the process of selling itself to be an art-form.

There isn’t, of course, a completely guaranteed piece of guidance on how to achieve a large or small amount of ROI constantly. However, there are tips that do help; especially if they have not already been adopted or implemented by an organisation. Firstly, communication is key. Regardless of what you are selling and through what medium, communication between yourself and both existing and potential customers is crucial. Social media seems to be the best choice these days for brand communication; it’s instant, fast moving and has the potential to reach a global proportion of your target audience, normally larger than what you ever originally expected to reach. It also proves that you’re human, just like your targeted customers; however, try to be both human and professional at the same time. Potential customers may not be willing to trust an organisation that uses an informal tone of voice when communicating their brand and offerings; particularly if it’s a high-involvement intangible product such as mortgages, life insurance and loans.

Alongside communicating with potential customers, it’s normally advised and quite obvious to maintain communications with your current clients as well. It’s a known fact that an organisation will spend less money maintaining and gaining sales from existing customers in comparison to the substantial amount they would spend in an attempt to gain one new customer. Additional tips on maximising ROI revolve around creating the right content for your target audience, budgeting and planning correctly and to test, integrate, measure and refine your strategy occasionally. Of course, those tips are entirely dependent on the particular service or product that is being sold; although they are completely relevant in generating high quality, cost effective leads.

The first item ever sold on EBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. The item was listed merely as an experiment by entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar; who quickly contacted the buyer of the item to query why he decided to buy the broken pointer and to ensure that the buyer was aware that the item was in fact broken. The buyer happily responded that he actually collected broken laser pointers for a living. Imagine what and where EBay would be today if not for Omidyar communicating with the buyer and gaining much more than a financial ROI for the pointer.

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