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The importance of lead seller diversity

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Isobel Langley, LeadPoint UK’s Seller Account Manager, explains how buying from a diverse portfolio of lead suppliers can enhance your lead generation campaign.

For a lead buyer, seller diversity is very important in running a successful lead generation campaign.  How you spend your lead gen budget can be thought of in the same way as an investment portfolio. You wouldn’t invest in one sector or just one company’s shares as it is much better to have a large and diversified portfolio. The same is true of lead generation and by diversifying your lead supply, effectively you are spreading your risk and maximizing your potential returns.

Two of the key elements to a successful lead campaign are lead quality and consistency of supply.  A vital element of ensuring these two components is using a variety of suppliers.

Fluctuations in marketing campaigns can cause changes in lead volume and quality.  If one supplier is slow on a given day or their lead quality decreases then with a variety of suppliers it is possible to make up any shortfall from one supplier by increasing another. Working with a platform where there are multiple suppliers across each lead vertical provides a lead buyer with stability and consistency in volume and lead quality, avoiding any negative effects of a lead sellers marketing being passed on to you.

Furthermore, different suppliers specialise in different marketing techniques.  Having a diverse portfolio of lead supply enables you to take advantage of expertise in different marketing techniques.

From a supplier perspective if you are competing with other lead sellers for buyer budget then a bit of healthy competition gives you an incentive to generate better quality leads and earn your business.  If a lead buyer only uses one source for their leads then the supplier has no real incentive to improve lead performance and innovate.

So how do you get seller diversity?  You could develop direct relationships with a variety of lead suppliers but this takes time to set up and more time to manage. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to work with a lead platform.  Think of a platform like LeadPoint as your fund manager, working to find the best suppliers to invest your lead buying budget to maximise your ROI. Just like in fund management, the greater your ROI, the more funds you have to invest!

As well as managing hundreds of lead suppliers on your behalf, lead platforms provide everything from tech support so you don’t have to set up new integrations and deliveries for each supplier and standardised lead validation to ensure all suppliers meet a strict quality threshold.

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